ProMD is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor and Affinity Partner with the Texas Chiropractic Association.

As an Affinity Partner a percentage of proceeds go to the TCA!

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Get our groundbreaking new CBD infused products to generate extra revenue that can only be sold through your practice, or a return patient can use your physician code on our website to purchase directly. Proceeds go directly to you!


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Our products contain ZERO THC and are legal in all 50 states.


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Members receive an additional unit for every case of 12 they buy. 

Our Products

Infused CBD Products

Our CBD products are infused with federally legal hemp extract, and manufactured in FDA registered facilities.

ProMD 300mg CBD Analgesic Gel

Analgesic CBD gel for pain relief that combines FDA approved active ingredients with legal hemp extracted (CBD). Contains no THC

This new and powerful analgesic formulated by experts in dermatology and immunology is a groundbreaking topical infused with 300mg of CBD to cool those muscles, joints and relax backaches and strains!

60mg Per Patch + 4% Lidocaine

ProMD CBD is proud to offer these CBD infused transdermal lidocaine patches. Each of these units(a pack) contains 4 topical patches containing 4% Lidocaine and 60mg of hemp extracted CBD. This new and powerful 48 hour time release patch has been formulated by our chemists to be the groundbreaking topical to cool those muscles, joints and relax backaches and strains. Created and manufactured in FDA registered facilities here in the USA.

Smoooth™ 300mg Liposomal Facial Serum

Liposomal Technology For Maximum Penetration and Absorption

Our ProMD CBD facial serum utilizes liposomal technology to deliver its beneficial properties deeper and with higher penetration than others. With most cosmetic creams and facial serums, your skin absorbs only the tiniest fraction of the serum’s properties due to your skin’s own defenses. However, with liposmal technology we utilize liposomal micro spheres that deliver many powerful and beneficial compounds deep within your skin. These micro spheres trap our facial serum ingredients inside a protective envelope, which increases the serum’s penetration and allows the serum to work much more deeply beneath the epidermis. Liposomal technology has proven to improve absorption between seven to nine times more than standard delivery methods (pills).